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Facial Cleansing Edit

The most important part of any skincare routine is cleansing. This removes dirt or makeup build up; it might even slightly exfoliate prepping the skin for the steps to follow.

In a market where every brand is trying to sell you their cleanser advertising it as the best thing since sliced bread, it's important to remember that yes a good cleanser is essential; but it has one purpose that is to clean the skin and get it ready for absorption of serums and other portions. A cleanser does not remain on your skin for a long time, it gets washed of, hence I advice most people to save their money for the potent ingredients that actually have the time to make a difference on your skin.

That being said; I owe my sometimes immaculate, velvety skin with a luminous glow; to starting

every single one of my routines with the perfect cleanser.

If you follow this blog you must know by now I really love Korean skincare. If you are on a budget but want an above average cleanser with impressive ingredients that deliver amazing results then definitely, stop western snobbery and discover what you have been missing K-beauty, it truly is dreamy.

Now, please allow me to tell you about my preferences when it comes to facial cleansing. Having sensitive combination skin means I am a difficult customer.

However, if I was forced to pick a few select cleansers these are what I would pick and why.

1. Whamisa organic flowers cleansing oil

This is a light oil preserved using natural fermentation and some organic ingredients. It is great at removing make up and this is exactly what I use it for. When I am using this oil cleanser I tend not to breakout and I absolutely love the fact that it is a great product which contains premium ingredients, yet I can still afford to use it as a makeup remover.

2. All Clean Balm and White foam clay by Heimish

Now the reviews on these two are just outstanding on social media they are relatively new comers to the scene but they have taken the K-beauty by storm. I actually have a phobia of running out of these so I have stocked up. I love using these together, I find I get the best results that way. The white foam clay does not dry my skin at all, yet it leaves it squeaky clean and ready for the toner.

If you try any Korean cleansers let these be your first choice.

4. Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm

I have used this balm since day one, I love it and keep going back to it, however it contains aromatherapy essential oils, which are not always conducive for sensitive skin. But for giving your self a spa like treat this Cleansing balm is dreamy and smells heavenly. It is also very effective at producing results giving you flawless skin.

5. Vliss Organics

If you don't know about this brand you need to get with it, this is an amazing skincare range created by a mum for her own family's needs.

I had the opportunity to try these goodies and I couldn't recommend it enough. For cleansing the cream cleanser and exfoliating polish are in a league of their own.

That cleanser is a problem solver, it's amazing as a makeup remover which I feel is a waste so I use it as a second cleanser and I make sure I give my self a good massage while I am at it. I can't tell you how many people have tried to help themselves to this gem, but it's one I cannot let go without a fight.

I recently purchased the DHC cleansing oil which I am trying out, and actually loving too. I will

Have to give a full verdict in due course.

What skincare related articles would you like to see here on Pretty🍑Blossom, please let me know.

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