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Chic Gift Ideas | My Wish List

Running out of ideas on what to get that friend who seems to have everything this Christmas. I have a few ideas at any budget.

Every year I for one seem to get caught off guard Christmas seems to sneak up on me, despite the fact that it happens every year on the same date.

What can I say I am a lost cause. So for those of you who are just like me here are a few ideas of what to consider getting you girlfriends this holiday season. This is actually my own wish list, if I was disciplined enough to hold out buying, anything I really want. Unfortunately most of these I already own by now. I will * anything I don't have so my poor family can have an idea of what to buy me.

iPhone 7 Plus

So maybe as a gift to self this is a great choice, yet a little indulgent as a request gift from others. If you love picture taking or blogging then the iPhone 7 plus is your next best friend. A little over priced I admit, considering they are lots of smart phones out there that perform the same if not better. But hey who is keeping tabs, for ascetic purposes on our favourite platform this is the go to trendy accessory.


Image credit to @dysonhair on Instagram

Where do I start with this one, let's get the obvious out of the way over priced ✅ most likely over hyped✅ Do I still want it hell yes ✅.

Come on Dyson hair why didn't you send me one! I really don't understand, "cheeky smile follows" you would have got your return triple fold with me just gashing about it at every turn besides all my friends and family buy everything I tell them too, I am good like that. Oh well, I will also accept it as a Christmas present if you insist.

Joking aside, as beauty trends go this hair dryer must be next best thing after the Brazilian blow dry, I know it turned out not so good for your health but boy did your frizzy curly hair look good long term no need for straighteners etc.

The Dyson blow dryer will just make you look chic in front of your mirror, making you feel you have made it, almost the same feeling as getting your first Chanel handbag.

It's a statement piece no denying that, which every beauty trend conscious individual deserves, you can get yours here.

Sarah Chapman

We all know that the gift of skincare is the gift that keeps on giving, so a real luxury treat for your BAE, would be anything from the Sarah Chapman range.

Simple sophisticated luxury skincare. If the receiver is unimpressed I will definitely take it if your hands on their behalf.

Aspinal Travel Organiser

Happen to know a beauty enthusiast who is a little jet setter perhaps also likes to travel in style! Then this Aspinal travel wallet is a great companion.

The theme continues simple yet elegant, great crafts men-ship the best of British when you top up with the luxe skincare range that's Elemis. You can find this gorgeous curate here.

Porter subscription

For that person who has everything, or me then a porter margazine subscription is truly a thoughtful gift. My heart flatters every time an issue comes through the post box. I might not afford everything advertised in it but my eyes don't know that. Get yours here

Mejuri jewellary

Mejuri has a new range of necklaces coming out today 05-12-16, in case you hadn't realised I like simplicity and elegance. What is more simple than a gold necklace with a gemstone engraved with a very powerful word like gratitude. Blissfull and inspiring reminder of the important things in life, I was sold mine is ordered and on its way. You can also order your present to self or significant other here.

Earrings & *Scarf

For some extra brownie points get that special lady a scarf or some Dior Tribales earrings which retail for £260 and you are made up for the rest of the year. When you think of it ladies are very simple creatures just blow your saving on them and they are happy, fine and dandy (just joking not all ladies are that easily pleased). A more affordable pair of these earrings are also available from Thomas Sabo for £125. The scarf featured is the Louis Vuitton monogram shawl in cappaccino sold here for £375.

This post is not sponsored, all items included were bought by me or gifted by family. Some images I give credit to the respective brand which I have linked to their websites where you can buy the products.

Happy shopping darlings

Love always x

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