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Winter Skincare Hydration | MINTD

How is it November already; It baffles me every year, yet we all know with the holiday season looming our skin's biggest enemy is the the elements.

But worry not as this is where the MINTD November box comes into play. The Mintd team have provided us with our warrior products to fight specific issues related to cold dry weather. They have given us skincare, lip care and hand care, after all the hands are ridiculously stubborn and all too happy to show the world all the wars they have been through in their lifetime.

Well that's about to come to an end, no one needs to guess your age just by looking at you hands keep them plump through moisture, repair damaged skin, reduce wrinkles and age spots by simply wearing magic stripes hand repairing gloves. If you are reading this and thinking well Esnath; I am not that old, then just maintain that youthful look girl, the winter season and time will catch up otherwise.

So here is the perfect solution, for all of us who are not going down without fighting premature ageing.

If you can cast your mind to a few months the Mintd beauty box collaborated with Magicstripes and brought us the wake me up collagen eye patches which where divine.

So when I saw the hand repair gloves again from Magicstripes expectations where very high, they did not disappoint.

These moisturizing gloves come in a rain coat type material with a good amount of product inside, to coat every part of your hand.

The ingredients include Vitamin C which supports significantly the formation of collagen, which gives skin solid structure and elasticity. It is also an effective antioxidant that makes free radicals harmless, it also helps with brightening any discoloration or age spots. Vitamin E works to protect against environmental influences, tackles issues relating to premature skin ageing, included also is Shea butter well know for its moisturizing properties, these are just but a few of the active ingredients in this glove pack, there are a lot more ingredients in here suited to the idea of hydrating your hands. This product is cruelty free and paraben free so you can happily enjoy it knowing no animal were harmed in production.

I can detect a rose scent, very subtle and sophisticated the kind of fragrance you would get in a spa, if the spa specialized in rose derived treatments truly pleasant for the senses.

I wore the gloves for 20 minutes, by which time the cream product had covered and soaked every part of my hands even the cuticles. After my time was up I wiped off the excess product; yet the hands remained moisturized, However, I feel some individuals might not like the residue. So I washed my hands with plain water as recommended and they still felt hydrated. I also managed to use my phone while I was wearing the gloves, albeit a pa lava they still get brownie points for that.

Verdict the look of the gloves won't win awards but the results after use will have you knocking on the doors of Selfridges begging for more. You will receive 3 packs which retail for £28.

I could speak about one product throughout this post but I have to divide the limelight equally.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a sneaky peek of the African Botanics shower cream. The ingredient list include Marula oil, baobab fruit, kigelia kalahari melon, honey bush, cape mahogany butter rose geranium and lemongrass. Are you impressed yet; this body wash is concocted with such impressive ingredients it might as well be a body cream. It is infused with crushed baobab to gently polish and refine the skin, the oils are packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids which are good for the collagen fibers.

The butters are intended for restoring moisture creating a very creamy hydrating base.

This shower cream is a delight to use it's a creamy paste with fine granular particles. It leaves your skin exfoliated yet feeling hydrated.

The fragrance lingers on your skin, I detect a subtle smell of mainly lemon grass and a hint of rose it is most likely the rose geranium that I could smell, actually quite pleasant and won't fight with any of your chosen perfume.

The Marula shower cream retails for £41 at netaporter; just in case you are not frequent on Instagram, African botanic has tongues wagging, any respectable green beauty blogger has at least one of their products or wants to try them, what a fantastic way to try this brand and much more at a fraction of the price.

We have already been introduced to the EvidDenS the rich cream by Mintd box before, however due to popular demand it's back this has to be my one guilty pleasures from this beauty box, I know for sure that I am getting the full size at a whopping £235 as I have fallen in love. This face cream is so rich, creamy and hydrating; it surprisingly sinks into the skin quite quickly, I intend to use it overnight as I have combination-skin and it happens to be too rich for my day time needs. I would compare the texture of this face cream to Elemis pro collagen marine cream only much much better at hydrating. The fragrance is intoxicating, I have sensitive skin but had no problems with this infusion of fragrance at all.

This is what the company had to say about the Riche cream "This creamy but non-oily texture makes skin more supple and radiant. It provides deep nourishment, protects from cold and pollution and smooths wrinkles. Very rich in Triple Collagen and nourishing, moisturizing and repairing agents, this cream restores firmness, comfort and radiance to skin."

The active ingredients include

Anti-aging : QaI® Complex agents

Moisturizing & Refreshing : Eau de la Foux

Emollient, Protecting, Restorative : Squalene, Jojoba Oil, Meadowsweet

Moisturizing & Protecting : Glycocyl Threhalose, Black Sugar

Densifying & Moisture Shield : Sorbitol

A Deluxe sample size of 10mls is what you get in the November Box and this retails at £47.

Another familiar product that you will get with this box are the Patchology flash mask trio.

I had a chance to try these during my summer vacations and I cannot rave enough about them.

You get 3 sheet masks, one for Exfoliate the other for Hydrating and the illuminating mask, you only need to keep them on for five minutes. Each mask has a list of power ingredients tailored to its specific purpose for an instance the hydrating mask sheet has hyaluronic acid for improved elasticity, Vitamin B5 which softens, smoothes and moisturizes plus betaine which helps retain moisture.

The Exfoliating sheet mask aims to gently remove dead skin cells to reveal a smoother more even skin tone, using Lactic acid and papain and aloe to limit any chance of irritation.

The illuminating mask is designed to help with enhancing the complexion giving a vibrate glow to the skin using licorice extracts Vitamin C and grapefruit seed extracts.

Each one of these mask to me was very hydrating and left my tired face looking fresh and vibrant.

I wouldn't go with out these, I actually ordered more before I received this month's beauty box.

The combination of these three sheet masks is particularly important for this time of the year. It caters for every eventuality and covers most skin concerns.

Last yet by no means least is the aromatherapy associates hydrating moisturizing lip balm. I am pleasantly surprised, this has a nice thick texture. My experience with most green lip balms has been mediocre to say this least. This has the same texture as lanolin you can feel substance on your lips, which I need during the winter months.

It doesn't smell of anything in particular and it has a very impressive ingredients list.

Dare I compare this to the cult favorite Nuxe lip balm but without the grit.

A real moisture seal that helps hydrate and protect the lips against the elements.

Have a look at the ingredients

Only a radiant glow can be produced by the regime this beauty box provides.

Amazingly curated and best £65 you will ever spend plus if you are new to MINTD you get a 10% off coupon code. You can get your beauty box from here.

This beauty box was kindly gifted to me by Mintd box for my consideration.

Would you consider this month's box?