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The Ordinary Review

Name is The ORDINARY yet in my mind there is no doubt that there is nothing ORDINARY about this skincare line. Think of the your absolute must have portions for any skincare regime, this line has it.

If you where to ask me I would shout, retinal, vitamin c, lactic acid or glycolic acid for exfoliation maybe some portion to help with breakouts; though I usually end up using tea tree oil. Which sometimes doesn't work as fast as I would like it to. Yet costs me around £10 from my local health food shop. Don't get me started on the price of the the rest.

Okay it's my choice to spend a small fortune on skincare and each to their own, I hear you say; but have I got news for you.

Have you heard of Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company? I am convinced they are seriously unique.

In a world where skincare and beauty is big business, they choose to indulge everyone with the correct prescription for good skin health at entry level prices. For this team Deciem we salute you .

As per usual not one to be left out, I went ahead and ordered some of these products namely

Vitamin C suspension 23% + HA Sphere

Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

Advanced Retinoids 2%

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Now let's start with the one that's dividing opinion the Vitamin C.

This is a white emulsion liquid with a gritty consistence. As you apply it to the face it's like a very a gentle sand paper, not a nice experience at least for me. But because I have always used this in a rush, hurrying to add the next product making the texture even more tucky and gritty on my face.

So in my bid not to be defeated, plus I also thought this might be the one product other people may actually afford to introduce a good quality product into their routine, I had to keep trying.

What I discovered was if you can get over the grit allow a few minutes maybe five at least after applying the Vitamin C suspension you will realize it all sinks in leaving a nice smooth surface.

I have said this over and over again there is not a lot I won't do for good skin health, And my opinion is in the week I have been using this product on my face, elbows and knees, (yes I did) because it's affordable so why not! I have really did notice a brightening and love the way my skin looked. I can conclude it works if you can over look it's short comings.And I know not everyone will be able to over come this after all this is suppose to be an enjoyable experience.

The Stars

The Niacinamide & Zinc is a gem. I really feel in terms of texture application and results, this is one of the best serums of the range especially if you have oily to combination skin like me.

I have had breakouts since I started using this product. However, I haven't really used it for long enough to draw a factual conclusion; I really like the short term effects, smoother skin, less visible pores just all round great looking base.

This one I highly recommend and see myself purchasing over and over again.

The Lactic acid, is also a great exfoliate, results are absolutely visible the next morning.

Let me introduce you to my skin type 'Sensitive oily to combination' with anti aging issues to be considered as I am over 30.

You see what I am dealing with? To over come sensitivity issues with this peel, I used it directly on my skin no toner then immediately applied an oil serum, Rosalena frank & sense oil was the most gentle and most effective for this task.

Besides the fact I was diluting the concentration I still saw results almost immediately which was the next morning.

I also never used it consecutively I always skipped a day. I Did this for 4 days and then gave my skin a break. I can honestly say good genes has some stiff competition.

The only reason I would be going back to good genes is to fit in with the crowd, 'becoming one of the cool kids' of which to be honest I am too old for, so this I am keeping in my stash for a long time.

Because I have been busy with exfoliating and treating the skin, I have not had a long time to try the advanced retinoid.

I can only give my first impressions, which are; it applies well nothing like the Vitamin C serum, it hasn't got a strong scent, I really don't know how to describe the very mild scent it has maybe close to milk of magnesium, on the days I used it I can not say I saw immediate results, but I am pretty sure retinoid products work over time! Correct me if I am wrong, it's a water based formulation, which leaves a matte finish oily skin feels moisturized but I will speculate drier skin types might need more hydration after applying it.

With time and frequent use I will try and update everyone on my conclusion via Instagram.

So far it's a treatment I have really enjoyed using the past few days.

Have you tried The ORDINARY, if so what's your favourite product?

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