• Esanth Moyo

Keep up the Glow this Autum

Your post summer upkeep to maintain that glow, here it goes.

Yes ladies slough that dead skin and reveal a radiant looking derma by exfoliating.

Do whatever works best for you, stick to that which your skin prefers. Methods of exfoliation could be chemical or manual.

Personally, I prefer chemical peels; however, every now and again I do give my face a little scrub and these are the products I use.

As we get older skin cell renewal is not as effective; it slows down, hence the dull looking skin if you do not exfoliate enough. Plus it is a waste of money when you apply expensive creams and portions on top of dead skin layers, the skin nutrition, from the serums etc will sit on the skin surface and get washed away, therefore your skin will not be benefiting from using good quality products.

Word of warning, be careful not to over exfoliate either, as this has its own consequences once or twice a week should be enough for the average person. So get scrubing and reveal your best skin yet.

Alpha h liquid gold is a firm favorite, this is a miracle worker. It resurfaces the skin revealing a radiant glow. I always wake up with an oily face after I use this glycolic acid, this is by no way a bad thing. It means my skin has been renewed I have a youthful radiance which I will cherish for days to come. I use this every other day for a week then give my skin a break, while piling on the brightening treatments like vitamin C for hyper-pigmantation, retolin and hydration boost.

I recently discovered The ORDINARY Lactic acid 10% + Ha 2% and I am actually pleasantly surprised, thoroughly enjoying it. I will follow on with a full review of this product separately.

Use Hydrating Masks

Hydrating treatments are your skins best friend after exfoliation, it doesn't matter what your skin type is oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin, hydration is way forward when preparing for colder months. This can be done by adding a hydrating mask to your routine, which helps to create a barrier on the skin surface, preventing the harsh elements from sucking out all the goodness from your skin. A hydrating mask prevents dryness, reduce visual signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles plus increases firmness of the skin. If you suffer from acne we all know dry skin results in increased sebum production which in turn might lead to increased acne and breakouts.

So to maintain clear supple skin let's keep it hydrated. I love sheet masks mainly from Korean brands like Whamisa or some overnight leave on mask, remember what I said earlier, whatever works for you; your skin is unique and deserves a tailored routine.

In case I haven't hammered it home yet! please moisturize on top of using hydrating masks, twice a day morning and night. I usually layer the hydration at night when I apply the following a hydrating toner, essence, serum, lotion, oil serum then cream.

This might seem over the top, but I have combination skin so I use light textured products suited to my skin type. And this intensive layering provides just the right amount of moisture without clogging my pores.

I honestly believe if you add nothing else to your routine this autumn/winter, let it be exfoliate, treat and hydrate.

Let me know what are your secrets for glowing skin this coming season.

Wishing you all a healthy glow.

Love always


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