• Esanth Moyo

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit- Surreal light Review

It's here, bought from spacenk in the U.K. Only took about half a year to arrive never the less I got it eventually.

What made me decide on reviewing this palette immediately? I have seen a few of my much loved bloggers review the surreal light by hourglass. Most of these reviews are beautiful well thought out and well written articles. Just one problem our skin tones in terms of make up couldn't be more different. This got me thinking, surely I can't be the only one with this problem, then came the solution; why don't I buy it and review it for those with similar skin tone to me.

And here it goes

Packaging and Price

I was well informed not to expect a big package so I am presently surprised by the size. Even though in actual fact there is very little product in here. Coming in at 4g or 1.4g per cube. Making this palette a very high end purchase which costs a hefty £69. The marble effect casing though 💕 this is where they got me, I was getting this palette even if I never used it a day in my life.


Application and finish

Finishing Powder, surreal light

This is a transluscent powder with very very subtle sparkly pigments most likely to highlight the areas applied. It's very forgiving so nothing to worry about.

The powder is finely milled applies like a dream and does not give much colour, making it beautiful to use as a setting powder; as it doesn't alter the colour of your foundation.

Bronzer Surreal Glow

This is not quite a bronzer on dark skin, it is again a beautiful texture applies like a dream. Gives that lite from within glow, your skin but better. Don't over do though it can make you a little ashy that said it is very easy to work with.

I would say this is an okay powder but doesn't have a specific use if your are of a darker hue, I would use it more as a subtle highlighter or blush rather than a bronzer.

The blushes Surreal Glow & Surreal Effect

These are true blushes even on dark skin, you can apply lightly or build up on the blush according to your mood. They stay true to hourglass quality which is very similar to the original ambient blushes. These beauties make you look like you only better, they give you blushed cheeks like someone has just pinched them, bring a rush of blood to the surface, yes even you dark tone beauties can have blushing cheeks. I am sure that this blush looks divine on lighter skin tone too. As most reviews attest to this.

If you have a fair skin tone please read my friends review @dailycatl, you will get a better over view of this blush on your skin type.

Finally the strobe powder

You must already know how much people have raved about this highlighter. It's very grown up and sofisticated. Does what it says on the tin, produces a beautiful glowing effect, it is beautiful if I must say.

I can honestly say this is a palette anyone can buy and enjoy, you might have to be creative how and what you use it for on darker skin but that's no excuse to miss on this trend this is a beautiful holiday gift from hourglass to us all.

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