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I have two products that I have to share with you, that I really think deserve a shout out. No.1

This balm cleanser is everything at removing makeup, it's none irritating very gentle on the skin yet; removes every trace of makeup, even eye makeup. Though your eyes do get cloudy if some product manages to bypass your shut eye, that is if you use it as an eye makeup remover. That being said it does not sting or have any uncomfortable effects.

When I use this balm cleanser consistently I noticed a reduction in hormonal breakouts and a nice clear complexion. I love the fact that it emulsifies too. It doesn't smell of much yet such a pleaseure to use every single day.

Nothing is as divine as the heimish white clay foaming cleanser. The smell is intoxicating, just the right amount of scent to indulge your senses. Exactly what you want either first thing in the morning or when you are washing the day off.

The lather is of a creamy texture, I believe it is actually moisturising. Works perfect as a second cleanse, I am guessing that's what it was meant for. Very luxurious product in my opinion, it can be compared to the Ester Lauder foaming cleanser on the western market beauty brands.

I use this with a clarisonic or a flannel which ever I feel more inclined on the day.

I wish these products where more readily available here in the U.K.

I bought these cleansers with my own money and I can honestly say, I am glad I did, very gentle moisturising cleanser yet very thorough at removing makeup. I threw away the box which had the ingredient list, to make matters worse the brand website is in Korean. But I know I was thorough and made sure they where no nasties in these products.

That being said I will make sure I gather the ingredients and let you know.

You can get your own set of heimish cleansers here

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