• Esanth Moyo

January Loving | Current Favourites

Can you believe it's the end of the month already? And that only means one thing in the blogger world; time to round up my most loved most used items.

I have to start by mentioning this desk, I will do a video of whats on my work desk after I have put the final touches, but in the mean time feast your eyes on this marks and spencer Conran Ashworth Desk.

You will have to keep an eye out on my youtube chanel where the actual reveal will be made, I can not wait to share with you this little project, expect to see lots of rose gold and more rose gold.

I fell in love with coffee on my recent travels to the middle east, I did not only make friends with coffee but with the people I met, the hospitality; which always included food and I mean a feast, followed by mint tea or coffee. When we were in work at the hospital we had coffee breaks discussing about life, only to realise we are not that different after all. We are all in persuit of love and happiness. So to me coffee brings me memories and brings me close to life long friends, I have met and miss so much when I am in England. Hope to see you soon my loves.

Have you all been watching Oliva Pope in Scandal; you know her wine glasses right! I have been on the hunt for those for ages, until; one day on my TK maxx prowl, I came across these made in Italy art deco wine glasses, they just seemed the perfect cross between me and Olivia so I had to get them. To conceptualize the size I have taken a picture of the wine glass next to a full size wine bottle. I am channeling my inner Olivia Pope now all I need are gladiators. I love these wine glasses so much, go get yours now.

Lounge wear for working from home; since the weather has been dreadful I had to include some lounge wear in my favourites, clothes that are comfortable, yet representable enough for me to answer the door bell in, when my beauty deliveries come via UPS *wink* *wink*. I love this type of clothing because I do not feel like I am in my PJ's. Pj's make me lazy, I feel like sitting on the sofa having a glass of wine, cheese and olives while watching scandal. However, if I am comfy yet dressed, my creativity is engaged and I am ready to grind.

I couldn't have pulled them off as well as the mode,l so I pulled this image of Jack Wills website were you can get both for around £44 each. These are the same exact ones I own.

If you want to see my beauty favourites head over to my youtube chanel link is above.

What have you been loving? did you get anything in the sales? or like me do you go with the intention to buy in the sale and end up with a bag of non sale items.

Have a happy and healthy February y'll.

Love always

Esnath xo

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