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Pommade Divine London since 1800 | A True British Hertage

I have known about this little british gem since I was born, but you know how you are bombarded with so many beauty products to try, you forget about some true treasures. These are the type of products that your mother and her mother used; before you could even say the word beauty.

Pommade divine is one of those well kept beauty secrets. Thanks to Caroline Hirons for reminding me about this pot of richness.


The original formular of this product was made in 1800 by the royal family's chemist, Butler's & Co. So you can imagen, if it's good enough for kings and queens its good enough for us.

Though, the formula has changed over time to conform with mordern times. The one thing that has stayed true about this multi-purpose healing remedy, is its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

All natural Ingredient list

I know lanolin can be controversial, but it can play an important part in protecting the skin against the elements. Research has show that in its purest form lanolin acts as a much more superior humectant than glycerin. Lanolin can form a secondary moisture reservoir within the skin allowing it to achieving great moisturising effects. I do not feel the need to defend the rest of the products as they speak for themself.


Very good for soothing minor cuts and burns, bruises, grazes, scalds, insect bites and for dry itchy skin. As a foot cream/balm

Also use as a lip treatment, for chapped hands, on cuticles. Furthermore, as a final step in my skincare routine after I have applied all my potent portions, I layer the pommade divine on top for that extra barrier to keep my skin moisturised and supple. I forgot to mention my skin is oily combination but sensitive, so I need to be careful with what I use.


This product has a balm consitency with a non offensive old school smell reminds me of a retro candy shop. It does not live residue on skin after application, sinks in well. Very good all rounder that can be used by the whole family, plus a little goes a long way. Get one or two for your bathroom shelve now.


£19 -£20 for 50mls this will last you a year I promise.

Were can I get it

International shoppers can get it from lovelula.com or cultbeauty.com

lovelula.com will not charge vat if you leave outside the EU thats a bonus so you will get it cheaper.

Everyone else you can buy it from both of the above and liberty.co.uk or at pommadedivine.com

Oh yes I have to say this not a sponsored post just in love with pommade divine.

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