• Esanth Moyo

Large Designer bags & Wallets So Over Them | And Their Price Tag Too

Is there anyone out there similar to me and is so over big bags......? I much prefer a small crossbody bag, thank you very much. It allows me to consolidate my handbag contents to the bear minimum and forces me to carry the essential items only.

Take a look at some of my currently most used compact small handbags.

This would most likely be the biggest handbag I carry when I am out and about. Which brings me to the point, I have ditched my wallet for a card holder.

When you are carrying a small bag it becomes a choice between your wallet and makeup bag and guess what wins. Makeup bag of course; It's not like I use all those cards and loyalty cards everyday. All i need is one credit card and some cash and I am set for the day.

So in the spirit of a capsule wallet let me introduce you to my new preference, I swapped my Louis vuitton clemence wallet for an aspinal card holder.

Of all my small bags, the small suede shoulder bag from kenzo has to be my best buy so far its chic yet edgy, the gold hard wear I could go on for ever. Its very reasonably priced too and fits all I need in a day.

When I was writting this blog I did not have sufficent lighting so I had to borrow images from Kenzo.com. Thank you Kenzo

What handbag style are you loving of late?

PS check out what is in my Kenzo small suede shoulder bag on the 24 -01-16 @ 15.00 hours. Link above.

As a little treat for getting this far reading or looking at pictures you can take a look at whats in my bag on this video, Thank you for support.

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