• Esanth Moyo

My Dyptique problem

Well first step to a getting the help you need is admitting you have a problem. Hello! my name is Esnath I am addicted to skincare and fragrances. From the day I discovered dyptique; I knew I was in trouble and here is why.

Number 1 Eau Duelle, Number 2 Doson, Number 3 recently found Oud Palao, these 75ml dark green bottles come at a hefty £90 each. Even I am thinking to myself who do you think you are?

But hear me out on this one.

These perfumes last more than 12hours a day, you do not need to apply liberally as a little goes a long way, unlike the equivalent counterpart which shall remain nameless. I am no perfume expect so I will not try to explain the scents. All I know is if you are tired of smelling like everyone else, take your self to one of their nationwide boutiques and smell this stuff for yourself.

Intoxicating is the word that comes to mind, followed by you are wellcome and I am sorry to break yor newyears resolutions so early. But hey It will last you the whole year.

The Eau Duelle is know to have a woody oriental composition, It smells expensive and has the ability to cheer me up. Best I can do smiley face.

Have a great day doll. x

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