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Inspire me Korea X Whamisa

Nothing is more exciting than Korean skincare, in my opinion; with Whamisa being one of my favourite brands. Even though this is a relatively new skincare range, I have no doubt it will be a house hold name in no time.

A big thank you has to be in order to Inspire me Korea for collaborating with this amazing band and and bring us such a great limited edition beauty box, featuring only Whamisa.

This is what the box contains;

I will start with the Organic facial mask pack made of real kelp sheet, this is a moisture boosting, wrinkle fighting and brightening mask. I have done a thorough review of this product before and it can be found here. This mask costs £9.50 on and can be bought alone on the Whamisa website.

Still on the sheet mask trend this box also provides you with a 100% organic seeds and rice fermented hydrogen facial mask with lactobacillus.

Aimed at targeting lifting, anti wrinkle and soothing the skin out. This mask retails at £6.50

You will also receive a full size organic flower olive leaf must once again fermented, retails at £25

For those of you who gave oily skin like me you will be glad to receive a travel size organic flower apple sebum treatment 20ml which will last you at least a month and half used once every day.

I will let inspire me Korea surprise you with the samples that they throw in for you. Absolutely appreciated them especially as I have been on the go most of this month.

This box costs £24.99 yet the retail value of the contents come close to £45

A great way to try Korean beauty while saving money. You can get yours from Inspire me Korea for £24.

This is what they have to say about the box

BEAUTY BOX Description

The Inspire Me Korea BEAUTY BOX: specially curated best-selling Korean beauty products to revolutionise your beauty and skincare routine, delivered straight to your door!

** FREE DELIVERY IN THE UK for limited time only! **

We've partnered with Whamisa - an innovative, organic Korean skincare brand, to create an EXCLUSIVE first Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa BEAUTY BOX! Whamisa products are 100% natural with NO chemicals, silicones, parabens or artificial ingredients.

Items you will find in your Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa BEAUTY BOX:

- 1 x Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist (80ml) - RRP £25.00

- 2 x Whamisa Hydrogel Facial Mask/Green Essence Kelp Mask - RRP £6.50-£9.50

- 1 x Whamisa Lotion Double Rich (20ml) OR Sebum Treatment (20ml) OR Cleansing Oil (20ml) - RRP £4.75

- Tiny surprises: Eye Essence, Foam Cleanser, Water Cream and Nourishing Cream

RRP Value of BEAUTY BOX: £45.00+

Read more about these products at our blog

LIMITED STOCK - Order now to avoid disappointment!

Products may vary, subject to availability

*Inspire me Korea kindly offered me a discount code which you can enter at check out PEACHBLOSSOM To receive £1.50 towards your shipping cost.

Don't wait too long as I mentioned this is a limited offer.

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