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Star products you might want to try

It's that time again where I share with you the beauty products that I have really enjoyed and loved using. To say monthly favourites to me is claiming that each month I discover a new product which I think wow this is undeniably irreplaceable, this couldn't be further from the truth. I am a tough critic and a very difficult to please customer.

So my loved new discoveries which could possibly be holy grail, are far and few in between. But I can honestly say May and June happened to be good to me, and I discovered two great products.

I was sent a body scrub and body butter from Naturadeezeacs, the scent that greets me on opening the package was amazing, fresh Jasmine and lavender scent, though this is not over powering at all.

However, the oil from the scrub had leaked and hence the strong beautiful smell that filled the whole room instantly.

This was a salt scrub, made from 100% natural ingredients. Take a look at the ingredient list above 👆.

The jasmine lavender body scrub is a good hardcore grainy cleanser but not abrasive, though I encourage those with sensitive skin to scrub gently.

It leaves the bathroom smelling divine and it diffuses to near by space too.

I truly wish Erika could consider making a essential oil fragrance from this scent or a room diffuser. I can't get over the mix of oils to create such a delicate yet intoxicating scent. Bravo Erika I thoroughly enjoyed this particular scrub, great all round.

It was also very moisturising, making it perfect just before bed, no need for moisturising which can be a chore at times especially after a hard day at work.

On the days I had time for a good pamper, the scrub was paired with the green tea body butter, again no compromise on ingredients, all this moisturiser contained was a concoction of the beautiful Shea butter , macadamia nut oil, kakui nut oil, grape seed oil, rose water, green tea oil and vitamin E.

How indulgent is that, this body butter is definitely a heavy duty moisturiser, that is just so luxurious to use and left my skin soft and supple.

The only con about these two products was the packaging, the contents are of such high quality and I think they deserve better presentation. And I hope to see the new improved packing soon.

My second amazing discovery was the Whamisa organic flowers cream, this is a cream for oily combination skin if used alone, or for dry skin when layered with serums and other products.

As you all know Whamisa is a fermentated skin care range, which delivers amazing results, I couldn't rave about it anymore, than I already do.

This cream is no exception, it absorbs in to the skin completely, in just a few seconds after application with no trace what so ever that I have just applied a moisturiser, if you have really good skin and are confident with the way your skin is you won't even need any foundation if you choose to use this cream as a day cream. I find it keeps the oil on my face at bay almost through out the day.

The ingredients contained in this pot of liquid gold are all natural and 98% organic they sure do pack a punch.

This is an amazing product line and if you want to learn more about fermented skincare and its benefits this lady explains it well so well click here.

I attribute the fermentation part of this face cream to the results I experienced, after a few weeks of continued use my skin was clearer, brighter and even toned. No joke, when I started introducing other products to my routine I noticed a significant difference in less than a week so I am back to my trusted one brand routine the one the only "Whamisa routine".

I have raved about Whamisa in some of my previous posts one which you can find here.

And I currently use a complete Whamisa routine excluding exfoliation and serums and I don't see my self changing soon, every so often I do use a random skincare routine, just to give my skin a bit of a boost so it doesn't get complacent. I will do a blog post of this routine soon.

You can find the body bath duo here

And Whamisa face cream here

Have you heard of these products before? If not what are you two holy grail products at the moment?

Though these products where sent to me, at no cost I was under no obligation to review them, all opinions are my own. I am in no way affiliated with the brands mentioned.

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