• Esanth Moyo

MINTD a new kind of beauty box

Now, we all know how we beauty junkies love a beauty box, what attracts us to this trend is the ablity to try new products, without commiting to buying full priced items, the mega discount you get on beauty boxes goes unsaid. I think for most of us, receiving good quality, premium beauty products at marked down prices, is just as much an attraction as getting the products themselves.

So when MINTD contacted me, and said can we have a chat my eyes were popping of course, I do love skincare and makeup as you all, but trying out exclusive brands, that are not availabe from high street stores, yet so opulent, who am I to say no. The box came beautifully packaged, it was like christmas in July, this box would make a great gift for anyone deserving. Take a look at the packaging and contents.

All right I hear you, lets get to the neaty gritty, what you really want to know, before commiting to purchasing and what to expect.

How is this box going to differ from the rest.

This is MINTD's first ever box, their aim is to produce a box that features exclusive luxury beauty products that might not be readily available in your local department store.

Their goal is to create a box that mainly contains 3-5 full size or deluxe sample size, luxury beauty products, which will be sent to you bi-monthly.

Lets go through this month's products and get a good idea of what you can look forward to.

1. Evidens rich cream; deluxe sample size 10mls, which retails for £47 or full size 50mls retail price £235 at Harrods.com, this brand is a mix of japanese technology and french elegance, created to target anti-aging concerns specifically for sensitive skin, which means everyone can use it, in my book.

2. Ren instant firming beauty shot, well, a few of you might be familiar with this brand, which is included in the July box; this is a gel serum with a huge cult following, which is supposed to increase hydration, this comes full size, which is 30ml and retails at £36 from renskin.com.

3. Ellisfaas lip; I have to admit I am new to this brand too, which is nice, that's what beauty boxes are for right?, this concept is about discovering new products loves or not. While doing my research on Ellis Faas, I discovered that Vogue US nominated them as one of the coolest brands out there, with celebrities such as Mary J blige, Jada Pinkett Smith and Cat Blanchett being big fans of Ellis lips. So there you have it darlings, you are in good company. This hot lips retails for £23 here. I have to say I am a fan too, application is a dream and the packaging is just so futuristic, very cool I am smitten.

4.Facial cleansing wipes by Lauren Napier; a celebrity makeup artist whose client list is so impressive your jaw would drop, but I won't drop names here you can do your own research, what I will say is, who doesn't need makeup wipes every now and again, especially this travel season you know these come in very handy. Full size you get a box of 50 individually wrapped cleansing wipes which are made with an impressive ingredient list that includes Water, Aloe, Camomilla, and Cucumber extracts. In this box you get a deluxe sample of 5 which I think would be super handy and you will not be able to live without. They retail at 50 wipes for £33 or 5 wipes for £8 from net-a-porter.com

5.The trend I am currently obsessed with is korean beauty, and you cannot talk K-beauty without mentioning sheet masks, in the Mintd box we get spoilt with three 5 minute sheet masks from patchology, one for exfoliating, the other for hydration and the last one to illuminate the skin. This pack retails for £15 at bluemecury.com.

I will have to do a separate review for the masks as I am very excited to try them.

The first thing I notice with this beauty box is, I actually never heard of 4 of these brands, which is a plus, The only familiar product being from ren which is available from M&S.

The total retail value of this box is £128 however you can get the box for only £65, plus the 10% discount kindly offered to all my readers; just use promo code 10OFF1STPP at check out.

I personally think it's about time that beauty boxes upped their game, we see the same brands month after month in most boxes across the board, I am over it, I believe MINTD might be the answer, expensive as it might seem, if they deliver on their promise to introduce us to the latest luxury beauty products, they might be on to a winner.

Let me know your opinion, would you subscribe to this box? If so what do you expect from a beauty box at this price?

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