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Five Wardrobe Essentials

Every now and again you get asked the question what are the absolute must haves in your wardrobe, now I could have written about twenty items in this category but, I had to draw the line somewhere. So five seemed like a reasonable number after all, I am not sure if these are really essentials or just our over indulgent first world habits. I will let you make your own mind up.

The first things I would say is a great neccessity in any womens wardrobe is a good quality hand bag, as I always say this does not have to be a designer bag, but any bag that compliments your style and sparks joy. I am a handbag fanatic so this is kind of my holygrail must have, a classic statement leather piece would do me quite nicely thank you very much. I used to buy mid range handbags but I soon swapped for high end, my reasoning being designer handbags are better investments, even if the bag devalues you are likely to get a reasonable amount back if you ever chose to sell.

Well my inner diva always tells me my outfit is not complete without a good pair of oversized sunglasses, I find sunglasses one of the most difficult things to buy, because of my face shape. However, I am not one to be defeated; You will most likely find me rocking some sort of "I don't give a dame" type shades at any time of the day. In true DIVA fashion.

A few years back I would have said a true fashion neccessity is a pair of 12 inch black pumps, but I have come to the realisation that flat shoes win all the time, you can style a pair of flat pumps shoes in a trendy show stopping manner, and if you are wise enough they can be super comfortable too. After all "luxury is not luxury if it's not comfortable" said Madam Coco Chanel.

Living in England for us a coat is a year round trend, so what I need is a number for each season, spring summer best suits a rain proof trench coat for obvious reasons. Yes! I am looking at you Manchester weather, For this season I have a burberry dupe from banana republic, and for the winter I chose to invest in a good quality high street wool coat, usually from Karen Millen or Reiss. I find a coat can lift a simple outfit, make it look elegent and classy without going over the top. Moreover, coats are very durable, the trends tend to stay the same, so I would advise anyone, if they are to splurge on a clothing item make it a coat.

Finally, we all know no outfit is complete without a fragrance, I love a good fragrance mainly from Jo malone and Dyptique, Tomford perfumes are growing on me slowly. I am also looking to invest in, Chanel Coromandel and YSL Tuxedo with Dior's Oud Ispahan being on top of the list. All the above are part of each house's exclusive fragrance range they are slightly more pricey, but I don't own a lot of perfums I just invest in a few well curated scents.

What is your one wardrobe must have? Let me know below I need ideas and lets catch up again on Sunday.

With Love always

Esnath xoxo

Look! its me, you know by now how needy I am, we have heard this discussion before so please kindly leave a comment below and make my day. Thank you Mar you always leave a comment for me. x

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