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Chanel Jumbo Review.... The ultimate classic

Lets talk about this arm candy right here, proberly the most expensive handbag I have bought todate. I know and understand that for many, It is but a dream, to own a chanel handbag, and for some they already have an impressive collection of these bags. I am looking at you @Chase_amie on IG.

Now if you can afford this bag this is why I think you should go ahead and get it.

1. Chanel classic handbags never loose their value, if anything chanel are the Lords of price increases it never ends, almost every year they announce an increament, and not by a small fraction in significant sums. It is ridiculous I know, an over hyped cool kids club fashion accessory. However, To me the fact that this bag is never on sell and is garanteed to go up in price yearly makes this an investment piece.

Now that I have convinced you to get one cast your eyes on the elegent timeless craftsmenship of Chanel.

Now on deciding the type of leather to go for, as buttery soft and as attractive the lamb skin is, I didnot spend £3350 which is now £3760 on a bag that is going to be as high mantaince as a child. No thank you very much. I bought the bag to be used and enjoyed so for that fact I went with cavier leather.

I am a lady that usually carries everything but the kitchen skin in my handbags, when it came to making the decision which size I would get, the small and medium were quickly discounted.

I still wanted to look chic, and in my opinion the the large classic flap takes you out of the hip chic bracket. Hence I settled on the jumbo

What fits in this bag is not much considering it is one of the larger size chanel classic bags, I can fit a cosmetic pouch filled with my neccesities, my coin purse and sunglasses. My phone an iphone 6 plus fits into the back pocket for easy access, and If I really wanted to stuff the bag I could squeeze a light scarf and the louis vuitton pm agenda in to the bag too.

This bag taught me how to down size, I have since fallen in love with small crossbody bags as you might have noticed from my fashion posts, I am such a sucker for trends but at least chanel jumbo classic is not one of them.

So there you go, I wouldn't say this bag is everyones cup of tea, my husband thinks its hideous, but I love it so thats that. If you can afford it and you really like the bag and it would bring you great joy to have it in your collection, Then definately don't procrastinate get it now before next price increase.

Would you like me to do a video demonstrating what really fits in a jumbo or a comparison between a jumbo and a medium? Let me know below.

Smiles from me x

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