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Korean Beauty | Sheet Masks

Lets talk Korean beauty trends, specifically addressing moisturising products. We all know the best way to keep those fine lines at bay is moisture moisture and more moisture. Now, we have all seen and heard the hype around the sheet mask trend, and I am oh so guilty of jumping onto it too, without actually knowing what benefits it has to my skin. As usual not all sheet masks are made equally and you will have to do your research and discover what works for your particular skin type.

I have combination sensitive skin, I really have to be careful with moisturising products as a lot of them do tend to break me out. But after a long search and nearly giving up I was sent these Whamisa organic kelp sheet facial mask, not drenched in algae, no my loves, on my face was the actual thing; real algae as my sheet mask. What a time to be alive. I get too excited. Moving on....

Let take a look at the ingredients list first

Now whats not to love about this list, besides this very attractive ingredient list kelp it self can help moisturise the skin too. On me this mask is a power house, I could use this only and not have to add any other moisturiser on top. But for those with dry skin you can follow on with your normal routine. No rules here people as you will discover, do what works with your skin.

This how Whamisa recommends we use it

I cann't say this was an easy application process, because the gel consistency makes it slippery, however I persevered with results in the picture you see above. I left it on for 30 minutes for good measure then took it off. I then used a jade roller to massage all the oils in to my skin.

Did I mention that the trend in korea at the moment is to avoid water in their products, which means no fillers necessary, so each ingedient has a specific purpose that is particularly beneficial to the skin.

Yes it has a fishy smell, but for those who know me, I am willing to over look almost anything for great results.

And I can atest to the fact that this mask is one of the best at moisture infusions I have tried, yes my pore were reduced, I didn't notice any skin brightening, not that I was bothered, yet I did not need to add anything else on top of this mask esscence, since I have combination skin, I left it all to sink in before going to bed and my skin was so thankful the next day.

The only con is it leaves a slightly sticky redisude, but since all my intensive treatments are done at night, I was soon in dreamland and a sticky face was the least of my worries.

Whamisa have just launched in the UK *yeah* so to celebrate they are offering a 10% friends and family discount code which you can enter at checkout promo code is "Whamisa lauch" These sheet masks are retailing for £9.50 find them here.

And for $14 for 1 or $57 for 5 at k-beautyholic.com for those of you in other parts of the world.

Don't forget to comment letting me know you have been here. What other Korean beauty product would you like me to review?

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