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Why add an Essence in your routine

You will be forgiven if you do not know what an esscence is or maybe you have come across it only to completely disregarded it. After all who needs another step in their skincare routine. These routines have become a fulltime job, what! With the double cleanse, chemical exfoliation, different types of mask plus the layering of products and these are just the basics.

But let me tell why I decided to add this step into my daily skincare routine.

Background information

Skin essence has been a part of a long standing tradition in Asian women's skincare routines. This portion of concentrated ingredients is a light version of a serum, that affects the skin, at a cellular level gently exfoliating yet moderating the skin surface renewal cycle.

Essences are particularly popular with women from the far east because their skin tends to have a thinner moisture barrier, which makes their skin prone to dehydration. "Essence helps create a stronger, more resistant skin foundation for longterm improvement to the look of skin.” according to Nadine Pernodet who helped create the Estee Lauder micro esscence.

As you age the layer of skin that helps you retain moisture (lipids) starts to reduce, the best thing for women of all ethnicities is to replenish this moisture by using esscence as the asian women do.

What it is not

An esscence is not a toner or a serum, even though most toners now come packed with a good range of active ingedients, they are still a cut below the esscence. Anyone who has come across an esscence, knows that before even checking the ingedients list you can identify one by the packaging texture and size. They come beautifully packaged in large fancy glass bottles. Even though esscences are a liquid formula this fluid is not as runny as a toner so usually has a pump or droppler bottle dispenser. Plus they are also usually more expensive than the toners due to the high dose of active ingedients.

Just incase you thought you found a replacement for your serum this product is not a serum either, in fact they are meant to infuse the skin and prepare it to recieve all the benefits from the much more concentrated serums.


To apply an esscence donot use a cotton pad, instead use your hands to pat or press into your face, starting from the chin and moving upwards.

Ingredient list of the Estee Lauder Micro esscence

First impressions

This is not one of those products I can say, "I didn't know what it does until I stopped using it". This is liquid gold in the truest meaning of the word. I am someone who thought my skin was in pretty good condition since I take pride in looking after it. This product really suprised me, the plumpness to my skin, softer to the touch, no dry patches at all on the days I am lazy with my routine. I am never going back this esscence is in my regime to stay.

Can be purchased at johnlewis.com for £67 or from sephora for $98 both 150ml size.

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