• Esanth Moyo

What's on my nightstand plus my sleep time routine

Welcome to my bedroom, or shall I say night stand. I am a creature of habit I like things to remain the same and at a minimum. No gadgets allowed on my night stand, because I know myself, once I start browsing on Instagram there is no getting me off it.

The one thing I really cannot do without is a glass of water, this is not for my morning refreshment, no ma'am, this I drink before I go to bed everyday, and for no particular reason, just a habit I picked up as a kid trying to avoid going to bed. The habit has since grown along with me, a good habit I guess.

I remove any jewellary that I may have on, place them in my ceramic trincket container, this came with chocolates from shakespear and co UAE, and in the spirit of recycling this is what I use it for, its so pretty though.

I also like to moisturise my hands at bed time at the moment I am using the my little box sweet hand cream. It is not the best hand cream I have used, yet it does the job, I just need to finish it up really, that said, I can spot difference in my hands the next morning so it's better than using nothing.

If my cuticles are dry I apply the Baya body oil to them, it smells heavenly and does the job well.

On the days that I am battling breakouts, I dab a little tea tree oil, I am sure no one needs an introduction to this age old ritual. I also love the smell of the tea tree oil it just takes me to a tranquil place.

The jade roller comes in handy, I take this time to massage my face with it, allowing the tea tree oil and other portions applied earlier to the face to sink in, whilst also giving myself a facial massage.

Usually I have a large bottle of the this works sleep plus pillow spary which I indulge myself most nights by spritzing all over our pillows.

To help me go to sleep with no worries on my mind, I write down the next day to do list, fill in my gratitude journal the I am ready for a snooze.

Aromatherapy deep relax is applied to my pulse points, slather the lips with the by terry balm de rose, not sure if this is good as an over night lip treatment as it contains SPF, but I use it anyway, a few minutes after laying my head down on the pillow, away with the fairies I go. If I am disciplined enough to follow this sleep time routine everynight I usually get a goodnight sleep.

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