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Skincare routine (update 2016)

As you can see in the pictures a lot has changed since my last skincare routine, which you can find here, if you wanted to check it out. However, a few products like the elemis cleansing balm, omorovicza queen of hungry mist and laroche posey have remained staples in my cleansing regime.

Elemis and I will always be involved in one way or another so its only fitting that my balm cleanser of choice is the procollogen cleansing balm, which has been in circulation for close to four years now, and I have been using it since day one. That should say it all I think. I tend not to use it to remove eye makeup as I find, it does sting a little. I love the aroma which I believe to be citrus, mint and clove. The smell is intoxicating and takes me to a traquil space in my own head.

My second cleanser of choice is the the eve lom, I have to mention that both cleansers are good quality and it can feel like a waste using them as a makeup remover. But being a skin care snob it has to be done. The eve lom morning cleanser is definately as suggested either a morning or second cleanser, I love the smell, it can be used as a mini mask too, the instructions tell you to leave it on for 2-3 minutes, I say 5 minutes will work wonders. I digress I am talikng about my routine not reviewing products here.

I have been using a flannel cloth plus a clarisonic as my tools of choice to support my cleansing routine, I have never been a great believer in facial cleansing brushes, but thanks sis for getting me this one in pink too, as I think I have been converted. My skin has for sure responded well to using the clarisonic cleansing brush, no small bumps under my skin plus pore size seem reduced, what can I say, I am loving it.

The face masks I use vary, I choose the Balance me radiance face mask because it is a good all in one deep cleansing mask, with moisturising benefits too, it is suitable for all skin types and it has little micro exfoliating beads so if you do not get along with acid peels it's a great 2 in 1 product. I have to say this is a great moisturisng mask plus a truly green beauty product.

So Sarah Chapman is the queen facialist in London, any one who is anybody visits her treatment rooms from princess Kate to plain Jane doe who can afford it.

It is only fitting that I incorporate a little something in my routine from her skincare line. My current product of choice is the liquid facial resurfacer, I cannot say much about it; yet, as I only introduced it to my routine 2 weeks ago, though I can admit its been a great two weeks for my skin.

Sukin recovery serum and the oskia bright light serum have been my go to, follow on products, after using a toner, they are both green beauty brands infused with super charged blend of detoxifying and brightening ingedients for a healthy complexion.

During the day time, I use the the tata harper repairative moisturiser, it's a great light weight super hydrating moisturiser which packs a punch. And at night I choose sunday riley luna oil, there is nothing I can say about this treatment that hasn't been sang over and over by other beauty bloggers already, its a retinol treatment in oil that delivers results.

For the eyes I am trying out the kiehls eye treatment with avocado, quite thick and creamy, so very different to the gel eye care that I am used too, watch this space, review to follow.

On the lips I have been using kiyoko the brand lip balm, gel consistency feels tacky on the hands but amazing on the lips.

I also very recently swapped my la roche posey targeted breakout treatment for good old tea tree oil, and all I can say is thanks Cat, my good friend who you can find here www.CatsDailyLiving.com she suggested I try it for treating breakouts and I am not looking back.

And she also introduced me to a jade roller which I am loving, it costs one third of the price you would pay on cult beauty; you can get the jade roller here.

Almost all products mentioned in this post can be bought from spacenk, cult beauty and sephora. I am sure you can get sukin from whole foods in the US and from holland and barretts in the UK.

I would love to know your current routine what do you swear by for healthy skin?

With love always


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