• Esanth Moyo

Five habits to a happier life

I keep records of my life, because my grandmother told me, the past always seems better than it was, the present seems worse than it is and the future is just too elusive to contemplate. So to keep things in perspective I keep 2 journals and one dairy. 1️⃣The happiness project one sentence journal for mothers (a five year record), in this book I make a conscious effort to write a sentence or two about what I am grateful for, on that particular day. When I look back a year ahead and compare my growth, achievements and gratitudes, I start to realise that I have so much to be thankful for, no matter how dark the situation may seem. Let me break down a few of my gratitude thoughts through out the years on this exact same day. I was greatful for a happy and healthy family, everyone knows that every now and again most families go through a troubled patch, it could be an unwell child, exam fever, stroppy teenagers and so forth but overall nothing out of the extra ordinary is happening here this is just life playing out. Without trials and tribulations we would not be strong enough to face the next hurdle, that we are for sure to over come. Being able to wake up dress myself and go to work, having a job that pays me enough to allow me all the luxuries I enjoy today. My mother for all the wisdom she passed on to me and still does to this day. I am grateful for having the ability to help others not only does this do good for the other person but helping others keeps my selfish ego in check and allows me to remain grounded. As we all know kindness offers a deep and powerful way to connect with others and with ourselves. When we act and speak kindly our hearts fill with love, our soul clarity and our thoughts peaceful.

2️⃣ The everyday matters pocket book of days this book is filled with inspiring quotes that can be used on good days or bad days. For an instance this statement really helped me when I was furious over what a colleague had done. "The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to over look" Or "receive with simplicity everything that happens to you" These two statements made me realise I have no power over other people but I can choose how I react and not let any individual have power over me. I can choose to be analytical until I convince myself of how evil that person is and how they are trying to pick a bone with me, or I can say to myself this has nothing to do with me this person is working through their own issues. I am by no means saying be a door mat, but do choose your battles, just because it's aimed at you doesn't necessarily mean it is directed to you. I forgot to mention that I use the diary to keep track of my daily activities so I get to read it almost every day. At the end of each month I write an over view that looks a little like this

3️⃣ On my darkest moments I write my thoughts down, in a black journal but the key is to not dwell on these negative feelings, so once I put it on paper I try really hard to move on and not consume my self with negativity, once I feel I have come out of it, and I am truly at peace with myself and the situation, I go back to the book and write down how the issue has been resolved, I also write if it was a well founded fear or irrational fear and the outcome it brought, plus how I would react if a similar situation arises. I find reflecting on traumatic events helps me to cope with future events. And by no means do I make it a habit to write in this journal only the most profound of ordeals make it into this book. 4️⃣ & 5️⃣ Mediation and Gratitude For meditation I use the Anamaya app. It is very useful especially for begginers as it tracks your progress and development, and guides you through your meditation at first. My most favoured lesson is the living with purpose, the three P's passion, purpose and perseverence as these will bring your days to light and your goals closer.

The one thing I feel is strongly attached to meditation is gratitude, you can not meditate in peace without learning apprecitation of the present, or the ability of letting go and letting God. When we are grateful our world becomes less materialistic, you don't need more, you are happy because what you have is enough. It is said the power of gratidude is like the smallest seed, plant it and nurture it with moments of thankfulness even on the darkest days. Eventually the seed will bear fruit that can sweeten even the the most scary of days.

Don't forget to treat yourself a little excersise, beauty treats, mini DIY facials all these are good for your well being.

Have affirmations they keep you on track, I choose to be grateful for all I have and all I am, I create the life I want without any comparison to others, most importantly I choose happiness.

What are your affirmations and your growth over the years? I would really love to know.

Stay blessed

With love always


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