• Esanth Moyo

Affordable hair care routine

This year I am yet to update a lot of my routines on the blog , however you can catch up with my skin care tips here. Even though nothing much has changed with most of these rituals, It's still nice to touch base and see what is working and what is to be thrown away. As for my hair type, I have extremely dry curly afro hair that is relaxed (ie chemically damaged). Which means I have to concentrate on protein treatments and hydration.

Protein because we know hair is a keratinous filament hence being an important aspect of healthy locks, moisture minimizes breakage, allows your tresse to flow, shine and be manageable. So in order to retain and maintain healthy hair a good balance of these two components are essential.

I am very sure this routine can work on any dry damaged hair types. As it is not product heavy like most dry hair regiments, yet it still works wonders for my locks.

Pre shampoo treatment I usually do this using coconut oil, the claim is this; oil is good for your scalp, it is antibacterial so if you suffer from dandruff, this is your very own; thanks to mother nature prescription, Coconut oil is conditioning to the hair, claims have been made is that, it stimulates hair growth but I am not too sure about this, I think they are other hair growth simulating methods that are more effective like using tingling products to stimulate the scalp and encourage growth. This miracle oil can also help with slowing down hair going grey.

How I use it

I warm the coconut oil the apply from the scalp to the ends of the hair, and let it stay on overnight. I find this way the oil has more time to penetrate the shafts of the hair, resulting in fuller, more dense looking hair.

The morning after applying coconut oil, I wash my hair using the loreal elvive extraordinary oil curl nourishment cleansing conditioner, I cannot rave about this hair cleanser enough, it contains 6 precious flower oils and is super gentle you can afford to wash your hair everyday if you have time to do so with no penalties like further drying out your hair.

I then follow with the ORS replenishing conditioner which I leave on for a good 45 mins if I am deep conditioning my hair, which is usually once a week.

After rinsing out the conditiner, I start to apply my leave-in conditioners; the ritual can be done with any products of your choice in this order, water cream and oil based leave in treatments, I choose to use the creame of nature argan oil leave in conditioner water (based) followed by the loreal elvive extraordinary oil in cream (cream based) plus the boots botanics balanced moisture treatment oil (oil based) to seal in the moisture. I then leave the hair to air dry, benefits being, you reduce the amount of heat applied to your hair allowing you to maintain healthier locks for longer, did I mention that the hair tends to have volume and shine when air dried.

I do not detangle my hair while its wet, this is when hair is most fragile as it is heavy and under pressure due to the water molecules so it is more prone to breakage. I go about my day while I wait for it to dry, once it is partially dry I use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle and smooth away any knots. Due of my hair structure plus the fact I struggle to style it if it's not straightened, I then use my GHD's to loosen the curl pattern and get a sleeker look when it is bone dry.

Finally hair supplements don't hurt, they can help you in achieving your hair goals, that is if you are not eating a balanced diet, that can nourish your body and still have some nutrients left over to supply the non essential organs like hair and nails, I use the holland and barrett's skin hair and nails which you can find here.

This is my affordable go to hair care routine, later on in the year I will follow on with a luxe hair care regime, just because every so often every girl likes to feel like a princess, but if I am honest this is just as good as any designer haircare range I have used.

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