• Esanth Moyo

Zoeva eye makeup palette review (Cocoa)

This zoeva eye makeup palette what can I say? It's a brilliant eye shadow collection. I honestly think it will work on all skintones with out compromising on colour pigmentation.

About the ingredients, I will tell you whats not in this eye shadows, they do not contain parabes, mineral oil, fragrance or phthalates. They are made in Italy for the snobs among us, they come highly pigmented and they are very easy to blend plus they contain vitamin E.

My favourite everyday shadow is the freshly toasted and boy do I get asked often what I have on my eyes, when I am wearing only this shadow. My work shifts are long 13hours and I can tell you that this palette has been put to the test and always comes up triumph. I do use an eye primer though it would be unfair to push that far with my greasy eyelids. All in all quite happy and confident to wear these eye shadows all day long.

You can buy this particular palette directly from zoeva or from other online outlets it retails for £18.

I don't think there is much more I can say the images you see are true to colour, there is a good mix of mattes and shimmery shadows, nice transition sahdes and enough dark colours for a smouldering smokey eye, I can honestly say this palette is the one stop shop of eye shadow palettes. It is very versitile can be used to create multiple day or night looks. One of the best eye make up I have come across in a long time. Inaddition it is relatively affordable.

Have you used this palette what do you think?

with love always

Esnath x

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