• Esanth Moyo

Makeup Haul & Instagram Give Away

You know what it's like when you have been scavenging instagram, and you see a few feeds you love, unfortunately that love turns in to purchases.

This is what happened to me. It was well thought out I like to think as some of these goodies don't come cheap. I was in the market for a lipstick so I helped my self to the YSL rouge volupte shine Fushsia intense no33 and the nude in private no 9. Which I have been loving so far none drying good colour pay off for a moisturising lipstick. They last about 3 hours max before you need to reapply. I guess that is the compromise you have to make, I will aim to follow up with a full review after I have used them for a while. I also got a free deluxe sample of the YSL Blur primer with the purchase, which I havent used as yet.

Then I braved, it if you know me I do not change my foundations often because my skin is tempremental, but the sales assistant on duty that day was such a charmer and got me hooked so I ended up buying the Laura Mercier Candleglow soft luminous foundation in the colour pecan.

Well! well! well! hello LM this foundation I have been loving and 1st impressions video underway. It is light weight medium coverage easily blendable, looks super natural which is what I always go for, if you want that dewy glow just add a little oil or serum and boy does it pack a punch. It lasts all day I could go on for ever let me just jot in my diary I need to follow up with a full review.

On to the GUERLAIN 4 SEASONS BRONZER this has been my trusted go to bronzer for a good while, Just click the link and it will take you to the full review.

So I am ashamed to say I was a Charlotte Tilbury virgin, I stayed away from her range too, people I am not getting stuff for free here, this is my money I am using so I need to consider my purchases carefully.

However, I was blown away, I stay far from matte lipsticks because I have very dry lips, but this little rose gold tube of magic has changed my mind. Boy were do I start, okay texture it's very unusual I feel almost moisturising, funny right because its a matte lipstick it's not suppose to do that, oh! but it does that and much more, it stays put all day after eating and drinking plus gabbing my favourite past time. Did I mention that the whole range actually caters for different skin tones.

Ms Tilbury here is a big hug and a smooch from me to you I am converted. This is makeup royalty I would buy it just for packaging.

Have you been naughty like me what have you been buying?

If you got this far reading this post thank you, here is a little suprise I also bought the Pixi skintreats overnight glow serum and lip balm to give away on my instagram, the contest will be up this sunday 3-4-16 at 9am it will run for 5 days and winner will be announced on friday the 8th of April 2016.

Make sure to follow me on IG and comment on the picture that day, good luck to each and everyone of you.