• Esanth Moyo

I joined the Cult .... Guerlain four seasons bronzer

I joined.... the Guerlain Bronzer cult.

Guerlain four seasons bronzer...... I should start by thanking the beauty blogger and author of thisthatbeauty.com, who inspired thispurchase; I bought this bronzer after reading her blog post.

Due to my deep skin tone I have always stayed clear of bronzers, ill-informed as it might sound," They say ignorance is bliss, until now. Drum roll please ............. I have been converted.

On my recent travels I decided to buy a few beauty products at the duty free shop, one of which was the Guerlain Terracotta four seasons in 05 Moyen - Brunettes.


The Guerlain four seasons bronzer deserves its own cult status just for the packaging. It comes encased in a brown plastic tortoise shell compact, which is very sturdy and does looks and feels expensive.

It has a reasonable sized mirror oh! and offcourse a velvet pouch like any other high end make up range, to keep it protected.

Texture, Application and Staying power

This finley milled bronzer produces a matte finish look, but not overly powdery.

In my opinion It suits a wide range of skin tones and blends effortlessly with a luxurious feeling on application.

Priced at £48 in selfridges and most UK high street stores it is quite a steep price tag. Even though, I managed to get it for £35 at the duty free stores in Dubai "I wish I had bought more than one".

I currently use this bronzer everyday to replace my foundation since I mainly do light makeup in summer. Alas, it works a treat, I apply the tarte bb primer in tan then use the bronzer on top, add a bit of blush and mascara; finally making sure my eyebrows are on flick.


This is a multi tasking product It it replaces foundation, can be used as eye shadow primer and blender plus its a bronzer.

It lasts a 13 hour day only coming off when I wash it of after work.

Guerlain four seasons bronzer you have earned your self a place in the PPB hall of fame we salute you; we are your tribe and part of the cult.

Love always

Esnath x

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