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Five rituals to help you banish the winter blues

The short days plus cold long winter nights seem to go on forever, I am sure this happens every year but to me this year seems like a particularly long winter. There is a good chance I say this every year. Even though we did not get snow in England, we did get a late winter which seems to be going on forever. It just so happend I also took sometime off work since december for 3 months to be specific, I am going back on the grind at the end of February rolling my eyes, I am just joking looking forward to being someone else rather than plain old mother dearest. However, I really needed this time, so I can evaluate my goals in life one of them being this blog. I found being at home allowed me to do the things I love i.e blogging, youtube and taking up other activities like YOGA, I am more inspired and a happier person in general when I do not have work presures. Please do not mistake me for saying being a stay at home mum is an easier life, because it is not. Being a stay at home mum is hard work; you have to be very organised so that you have time to work on the other things or else, after the school rounds, cleaning, cooking and doing the food shop you find yourself with no time for anything else.

But for the organised individual this could be the dream job. I found myself updating my IG regularly and getting familiar with other bloggers even got my first actual paid blog assignment. Plus I had a little extra time to spare. This is when I came up with the question if I didn't have a blog what would I do with these long cold winter nights, so I made a list.

What do you do to make these dreary long nights become more bearable.

Create a routine this can vary from day to day. Start with meal times make this a ritual, take time to enjoy your food catch up with the family and reconnect with the ones you love. If you live alone make this time to focus on your food understand the nutritional content and value of what you are eating. Once in a while invite some friends over for a meal to break the monotony.

This routine can bring about mindfulness and hyperawareness of what you put on to your plate and henceforth your mouth.

At times we all get caught in a rut of constantly being on our phones or laptop needlessly, To avoid this waste of time schedule a time to catch up with social media it could be after your evening meal while you digest your food, take the time to reply to your social media friends make this quality time not quantity, your followers will soon get used to your schedule and start looking forward to it. Exceptions can be ofcourse if you are running a business or have important things you need to remain updated on. By doing this you have something to look forward to and it allows you to stay present in other ascpects of your life.

Another great habit is reading a book, it takes you away from the whoos of everyday life but more importantly, frequent reading gives you mental stimulation as a bit of imagination is needed to set the scene, not only that but reading can reduce stress as you focus on the story at hand instead of your worries, it can also help expand your vocabulary, improve your memory and give you strong analytical skills. If all aforementioned are not enough to motivate you to read, what about the fact that reading is a free activity, if you choose the right books you can enjoy great relaxation and traquility brought by some self help books. Try it for yourself though if you are reading this I doubt you need much persuasion.

Have a relaxing bath

A nice warm bath prepares us for falling asleep as the hot water raises the body temperature and relaxes the muscles, this reaction is also beneficial mentally helping us to wind down and get a goodnight sleep. Just remember not to fall asleep in the bath tub and to limit a hot bath to no more than 20 minutes.

With the demands of life being ever so stressfull a nice hot bath might just be the girlfriend you need, for a hug and to tell you everything is going to be okay.

Take this opportunity and go to bed early, you will be so thankfull you did the next morning.

There is plenty of research that supports the notion of an early night sleep being beneficial to us. We all know a good rest is vital to our overall well being, some research goes as far as linking poor sleeping habits with serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, even though this usually occurs after years of sleep loss.

Lets forget the depressing facts and focus on the positive a good night sleep reduces your risk of injury you are more alert there for less likely to cause or be involved in an accident, your reaction to hazards is much faster and precise because you are thinking clearly.

You tend to be less cranky when you sleep well, who doesn't like to be around a happy person, most importantly sleep affects your emotional regulation, you do not want to be that mentally unstable colleague in work who bursts out into tears at everything.

I hope you find this useful

Keep well

With love always

Esnath xo

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