• Esanth Moyo

Casual Elegance | Comfy Chic

Inspiration for this look was the jean, white t-shirt and blazer; parisan look, all about the relaxed refinement. Updating the wardrobe with print trousers and a corduroy blazer since it's still cold over here in the UK.

The navy blue crossbody bag is a striking pop of colour but manages to retain the neutral palette. We then play with textures by introducing the karl lagerfeld denim espadrilles.

I love high heels and very trendy pieces but, at this point in my life I adore comfort, call it mothering instincts. True luxury to me is feeling elegant yet comfortable, forgetting what one is wearing; taking after Yves Saint Laurent saying "Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?

True luxury is feeling good about yourself and having the confidence to trust your fashion choices and own your fashion faux pas, where would the fun be if we all got it right all the time.

Be bold, be classy, stay elegant and stop by again next time

Let me know your go to casual pieces.

Love always

Esnath xo

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