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Kiyoko a new type of lip balm | The next cult product | Brand focus

I came across this brand while I was shopping on PHO London website, as someone who is always on the hunt for the next cult product, I then set out to research more about them and their lip balm.

This is what I discovered.

Kiyoko is a lifestyle brand with an ethos to represent good quality and design, it was found by two Dutch girls (sisters) living in Amsterdam; Evelien and Merel. The brand was born in march 2014 from the ideology of being driven and chasing your dreams. How inspiring is that?

They quit their jobs, gave up city living and went for a long road trip where the inspiration of the brand stemmed from. The girls wanted the ultimate feeling of freedom, and to prove that all things are possible, the only limitation is yourself. They created a business plan for kiyoko; a product based on an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks. Travel still remains a major theme in the development of the product and the brand. With their brand, Evelien & Merel hope to inspire others to take a little bit of risk as well and chase dreams as much as possible.

They only make two products a kiyoko sweater and a lip balm. This is what they say about the sweater. Kiyoko sweater is made of 100 percent organic cotton, made in Istanbul. the minimalistic print is a saying in japanese projecting the owner's vision: "you cannot catch a tiger cub unless you enter the tiger's den. in other words: no guts, no glory."

• 100 percent organic cotton.

• Really, soft on the inside.

• The perfect color grey mélange.

• A minimalistic design.

• Unisex size, wear it how you want it.

The lip balm, kiyoko lip balm is from a 100% natural origin, made in a small factory in the Netherlands specialized in natural cosmetics. the unique recipe was found after months of lab research and testing - not on animals of course.

• Natural ingredients only, no parabens.

• Nurtures and hydrates intensely.

• No color and a minimal taste and fragrance, just a hint of honey.

• A minimalistic and clean design and packaging.

• Hand labeled with four different labels - it's all in the details.


What I think

I can not emphasise enough how the ethos of this brand resonates with my own beliefs, even if I did not like the products I would still support the idea, because I wholeheartedly feel this is what we all want, ultimate freedom; women creating and achieving great success in this world. But it so happens I love the lip balm, I use it as a mask, this balm is different, it is not a balm consistency, it is more of a gel, like thick glycerine. It take a little getting used to, but once you are over the uniqueness of the product you start to realise it's magic. It is extremely moisturizing and repaired my lips in a day of using it.

It is not sticky or gloopy and can be used as a lipstick base without altering it's durability or presentation.

It comes packaged in a metalic tube; very simplistic, the only thing I would say is the tube has to be pierced using the lid, this creates a rough surface; so maybe kiyoko can think about placing a seal to preserve freshness instead.

It retails for £13.50 for 15mls including shipping at PHO London; Which is a little dear, but nothing like the by terry balm de rose prices. What are your latest finds please let me know your comments below?

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