• Esanth Moyo

Morning Skincare routine

Morning skincare is usually very simple, as I am always almost in a rush; besides most of the hard work I will have been done the night before.

The more I pay attention to my skin and its needs the more I realise the importance of finding what works and stick with it. Though this is very hard when you are a skincare addict, simply because you want to try it all, at the risk of at times accuring undesirable effects 'I should know it happened to me only last week.'

The products I will discuss are the truely tried and tested, my go too when my skin is unhappy or needs TLC. In true beauty blogger style I completely failed to pick just one item for each category. I have tried to narrow it down to two or three products per step, all which are used in rotation most mornings.

My favourite morning cleansers are the tata harper regenerating cleanser if I need a little exfoliation that particular morning. It's creamy slightly grainy consistancy is perfect for a quick face wash or indulgent massage to exfoliate dead cell. It leaves your skin radiant and glowing well prepared for the next step in your routine . Perfect for all skin types

The other favourite is the OSKIA renaissance cleansing gel (get 10% off on your first order when you click this link) this is a beautiful gel cleanser lovely to massage into you skin helps wake you up, smells beautiful but not overwhelming, quick wash and go or you could take your time to really enjoy this divine face wash I use this one with a muslin face cloth to make sure I remove any residue. It turns into a milky consistancy once in contact with water so no oil excess is leftover, I only use the cloth to satisfy my OCD and for a little exfoliation.

The toners of choice are the Omorovicza queen of hungry mist which is a moisturisng toner but not enough make the skin to too oily throughout the day. You definitely need a moisturiser on top, as this alone does not make a good makeup base for my oily combination skin. I also use it to set my make up for an added dewy look to the face.

The pixi glow tonic is absolutely the queen of skin brightening it has your skin looking like you drink 10 glasses of water and eat 10 oranges a day. It evens your skin tone and leaves your complexion perfect no exaggerating. I cannot leave without it. It is meant to be an exfolitating toner, what ever it does its bloody marvellous.

When I am at home on some occasions, I apply a DIY mask that is a mixture of grounded coffee, indian clay mask and manuka honey. The coffee brightens the skin it contains anti inflammatory properties so reduces any puffyness as well as being a gentle exfoliator. Indian clay mask draws out impurities, tightens pores, reduces excess oil and works magic on break outs. Manuka honey has anti bacterial properties which help with reducing redness and getting rid of hormonal breakouts, it is also a good moisturising ingredient without making the skin oily.

If it's toward that time of the month I will use the laroche posy targeted breakout treatment followed by the corrective unclogging care anti imperfections cream. This keeps the cystic break outs at bay and I can have smooth skin through out the month. This stuff undoubtedly works, ever since I began to use these two in combination, I have hardly experienced any monthly acne bouts. Which used to be a constant in my life.

The rest of the month I alternate between the Elemis Procollogen marine cream, those that follow me on instagram know that this is my desert island anti-ageing cream. the tata harper repairative moisturiser, a relatively new find but so far so good and since Caroline Hirons raves about tata so much, I had to try it for myself. It brightens the complexion and does not cause any adverse reaction I really like it, just not the price tag. It better be available on QVC soon and on a TSV too.

On the days that my skin is dehydrated; I add any of my favourite odacite pure elements serums to the creams at the moment I am using the green tea and lemon grass, which I am loving, I am still yet to come across one of their serums that I do not like.

One of my worst habits is not applying eye cream twice a day, I am rigorously trying to implement it, at the moment I only have two eye creams that have taken me for ever to use up. I have set a reminder on my phone which I recieve twice a day morning and night at the usual cleansing allotment this gives me a gentle nudge to apply eye cream.

As you can see I have not included sunscreen in my routine, that is beacuse, all of my foundations have it included in their ingredients, unless I am going to a warmer climate I tend to subsist with the one sun protection in my makeup products. Which is usually an SPF of at least 20.

I also break out if I use sunscreen so I am still on the hunt for my holy grail product. I know this routine might seem laborious but if you take one product from each section you soon realise that it is a simple 5 to 6 step regime that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

What is your basic skin care routine and what tools do you use with it?

Hope you come back soon

Love always

Esnath xo

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