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Five items worth the splurge

I am going to start by telling you the high end things that we are constantly told to buy, but, I beg to differ. You are told left right and centre to spend money on makeup brushes, excuse me! NO! I don't think so, just one word for you Zoeva. The only exception being the beauty blender which cost around £18; though if you calculate the cost per wear you actually realise its not that expensive.

Every single skincare brand tries to sell you a facial cleanser worth £100 as the best product ever, what do these people take us for? The stuff sits on your face for not more that five minutes before going down you sink's plug hole, come now.

And they are the sonic facial cleansing brushes sets you back £200, which had me for a while; but my skin is still doing great a year since I stopped using them.

I haven't even mentioned makeup that cost £200; digest that people! They are children dying of hunger in this world, what are we doing? Okay, I must confess; I am just as guilty for looking at the glossy magazines and wanting to look like the model next to my favourite brand, or listening to my favourite youtuber rave about it, completely forgetting they got it for free and most likey will benefit from this positive review they are giving, I am not hating at all; if anything more power to you bloggers who manage to get me so irrational, I quickly rush out to the Selfridges trafford centre to get me some tomford or charlotte tilbury makeup that happens to have achieved holygrail status amoung us bloggers.

If I told you today, here is a beautiful £100 face cream wear it all day long but never ever go to sleep in it as its not good for you skin would you buy that product from me? So why do we do it with make up brands. I am still a working progress myself but I am trying to find budget friendly options. If you have the money then no problem but if you are like me you are trying to inspire and raise the next savy generation of women, then we need to change our habits towards make up.

So today I make the pledge to you my readers, that you will never see a product I would not recommend to my own family on this blog, be it because of ridiculous price or lack of aclaimed results. For every high end make up item I review I will search high and low to make sure there is a budget option that offers exactly the same benefits.

I wil honestly tell you what I think our hard earned money should be spent on and why. These are the items I truly believe are great investments to splurge on what ever you budget.

I. Wallet

A good quality wallet will last you for years if you are like me use the same wallet all year round. I don't change my wallet often for superstitious reasons. So I can have the same wallet for over two years. Having bought the wallet above for £300 thats roughly about 0.04 pence a day. Now thats good value to me. I see my self having this wallet for longer than two years, as I already had it for a year now with no signs of wear and tear. This is how I justify such a purchase.

II. Coat

If you leave in a climate like ours in the UK then it goes unsaid that a good coat is an essential part of everyday life. You need a coat that will take you through the winter, if you get a really good one it might take you through a couple of winters. I got a coat from mango for £200 a good five years back and it is still going strong. The only reason I got a new one is because I got bored of wearing the same item every winter, Topshop have an amazing wool duffle coat costs £85 it is available very winter plus it is of very good quality. I have had mine for two years now.

A coat can be a real style statement while being practical, when choosing your coat make sure you go for a subtle twist in design rather than trendy pieces, because if you are splurging on a coat that is too contemporary it might become redundant on the next chill.

If you still want to save on your purchase buy your next winter coat during the end of season sales.

III. Underwear

Never underestimate the power of good fitting underwear. They make your clothes fit better and your silhouette more defined. Good quality underwear last long, and can boost your confidence even if no one can see them. Here are some of my favourite places to get excellent quality underwear in the UK for mid range prices; M&S, house of fraser; we also recently got a victoria's secret which is a bit of a splurge for us but so worth it. For those of you who are lucky enough to have more money to spend ann summers, boux avenue are great options. Be bold be beautiful wear amazing under wear just for yourself.

IV. Skincare

Now this is the part that is very hard for me to be unbiased because I would spend my last penny on skin care, as I strongly believe this is one investment you can not afford to skimp on. I am a great believer in looking after your skin as I am confident it will look after you back.

The most important items you should spend money on is a good serum, moisturiser, hyaluronic acid, the rest you can make from your kitchen cupboard. The aforementioned should be tailored to your skin's particular needs with the exception of the hyaluronic acid which is mainly to add hydration to the skin. Create a routine and stick to it. Some of the best brands I have used and swear by include Elemis, Liz earle, Oskia London, emma hardie, May Lindstrom, Tata Harper, Laila London, Pixi skintreats, I believe the last two mentioned are also producing amazing products at fantastic prices. Other place seek out good deals are QVC, fragrancedirect and allaboutbeauty.

V. Perfume

A perfume is part of you identity, when I am somewhere and no one has seen me people usually say she is around, I can smell her. Fragrance provokes memories and its very personal to each individual. I say a good bottle of perfume is an intrinsic part of you wardrobe. Despite adding a little je ne sais quoi to your vanity, a well curated fragrance exudes class and sophistication.

It last longer on the skin and an investment worth the spluge for that unique smell that gets heads turning and becomes a converstion starter.

What do you think are the best items to spend money on? And what do you agree or disagree with in this post?

Love always

Esnath xo

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