• Esanth Moyo

2016 AIMS (New year resolutions)

We all know how hard sticking to your new year resolutions can be. But that doesn't stop us from setting some each and every year only to completely disgard them half way through February. So I shall share with you what I must achieve, realise the use of the word must; this makes me realise that most of these but a few are none nagotiable. I have to meet them inorder to maintain the pursuit of happiness.

This template might be convenient in sustaining long term focus throughout the year, and I for one will be using it. Thank you www.secretowl.org

My 2016 Goals are as follows

1* Get my own the buisness separate from my husbands off the ground and stick it out.

2* Continue to grow the savings accounts one for the future the other for luxury treats.

3* Work consistantely on the blog, youtube and skincare diaries on IG.

4* Do more exciting stuff with my hubby.

5*Continue to work on the secret long term goal personal and work related.

6*Travel to Africa, Japan and America.

7* Stay away from the credit card.

8* Continue to practice meditation.

I am not going to write about excercise as this is a goal I fail year after year. I manage healthy eating well but for some reason, I am not a fan of getting fit.

So instead I am going to fill in the embrace column above with an activity that I aim to pursue, most likely cycling and swimming.

So beautiful people this is what I truely desire to achive through the year of 2016.

What are your goals? And what is your advice on achieving optimum results on years resolutions?

Happy and healthy 2016 y'all Love always

EM x

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