About me 

Hey there, thank you for taking time to learn more about me. I am a clinician by profession, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnostic Radiographer, used to be hospital based working long hours, oncall shifts you get the drift, that was by day. The rest of the time I was playing wanna be blogger creating an online presence interacting with like minded people. Until I decided to earn a living through content creating. In the short time I am away from my computer and social media; I am mummy, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin & friend, having a large close extended family doesn't help, I really have to be everything to everyone, which makes life a little hectic, don't get me wrong I am not complaining, this is all I know. I am also the co founder of Peekatot mobile ultrasound baby scan 

Let me tell you a short story about how my passion for beauty started; I was obsessed with trying to get rid of hormonal breakouts that would leave me with scars for ages; for some reason darker skin takes longer to fade scaring.  So I watched QVC hours on end, with the hope to find my magic cream. Seriously! I did, I used to watch it from 9am to 1pm if it was beauty day only to be pulled off the sofa by school rounds or the post man, Did I mention I bought anything they recommended to even out my skin tone. Soon after I discovered in-store beauty events for that I would take anual leave from work to attend! I learnt so much at these events on how to take care of my skin and the perfect makeup for my skin type, I was like a sponge I absorbed it all. Any opportunity given all I spoke about was skincare "don't tell anyone" I had not learned how to apply make up just as yet. I did my own research online, bought and read books. I am not talking books that tell you how to wash your face or about the next trend in skincare, I mean the science behind skin and cosmetic products, GEEKY! I know yet I am no clever clogs just a determined individual who was going to have clear glowing skin at all cost. So before you read anything on this blog, Catch up with my first ever article, were I pour my heart about the pantomime thats my life here.  Then move on to my skincare tricks and tips on effective actions to radiant skin here.

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